Small Business Services

McWilliams Financial Group is particularly well suited to help clients solve problems and find value during periods of growth or those facing difficult decisions. Smaller enterprises often do not have the resources to effectively and efficiently address the required accounting, tax and financial planning issues.  In cases such as these, McWilliams Financial Group will provide the necessary structure and know how allowing the enterprise to focus on delivery of its products and/or services. 

For example McWilliams Financial Group will design, implement and maintain:

  • Operational and accounting systems appropriate for an organization’s
    size and needs; 
  • Employee benefit and compensation programs such as wage and salary benchmarking, 401(k) and SIMPLE retirement plans and fully or self-insured medical benefit programs;
  • Risk management programs including liability and property/casualty insurance coverage, fiduciary liability coverage and worker’s compensation programs.

During the various stages of an organization’s life cycle the issue of a merger or acquisition often arises.  At McWilliams Financial Group we will help you through this process including strategic review of an opportunity, assistance with due diligence, acting as a liaison with legal counsel regarding drafting an asset or stock purchase agreement and assistance with organizational and financial aspects upon consummation of a transaction.

Lastly, as with all of our services we will maintain the highest level of transparency with the client assuring that you receiving the value you paid for and will continue to receive this value in the future.